"Creating Stable, Sustainable & Culturally Appropriate Employment for Anangu People within their local Construction Industry"

Our Vision

The vision of Anangu Building Services is to be a long-term employer of Anangu members within the construction industry. The vision was realised by establishing a business that will employ a higher ratio of Anangu members that currently realised or expected within the industry.

The method will become the strategic targeting of the most appropriate and the most profitable projects. Those are the specific markets that can be sustained over time (repairs and maintenance), projects that may be simplified in construction (flat pack and kit design allowing quick build times) or key springboard projects (specific simple major projects used as an opportunity to build skill base with a community).

Ultimately the vision is to handover the brand, Intellectual Property and trading entity to local Anangu community ownership under a suitable structure, once it becomes clear from where the next generation of Anangu business vision and leadership will eventuate.