About wiltja

In order to achieve the vision Anangu Building Services are committed to obtaining;

Engaging in extensive community consultation to ensure that the Anangu labor force for each major project is representative of and has the full support of each local community. Further, to employ Anangu at a ratio no less than 60% immediately and progress toward significantly higher Anangu representation in the long-term;

Engage in comprehensive trade training in consultation with relevant funding bodies to ensure the trade bank of Anangu is protected and extended over time;

Build relationship with key APY project managers to ensure that Anangu Building Services is at the front of mind with any building project where a culturally respectful, locally supported and socially responsible outcome is a factor in the decision process, not just the building itself;

Develop robust and effective WH&S and training procedures to serve all Anangu workers. The business intends to protect workers, raise work skill levels and provide sustainable career development for all Anangu Building Services staff;

Ensure cultural and heritage interests are recognised and protected.