In 2011 Wiltja Constructions Pty Ltd developed a business plan to establish an Indigenous owned Building Company trading as Anangu Building Services for the APY Lands.

The company has been very successful and completed in excess of $5 million in building projects over the past four years. Along the way 88 Anangu have worked on Wiltja Construction projects with more the 80% indigenous labour participation. The market for building construction, repair and maintenance services in rapidly changing on the APY Lands as well as other regional communities.

This business was formed from a genuine desire by its owner’s to create stable, sustainable and culturally appropriate employment for Anangu people via involvement within the local construction industry.

The business is based in Quorn and undertakes residential and light commercial building projects and also repairs and maintenance within the APY Lands. 

This current tender submission indicates Wiltja Constructions Pty Ltd aim to become a Civil Construction Contractor with the core reason for doing so being the expansion of local Anangu Employment opportunities.

Although casual employment and training opportunities have come and gone for Anangu over many years, much of the building work with its commercial and social benefits has effectively bypassed the local community. In a business sense, Anangu Building Services determination to serve and involve the local communities becomes the principal point of difference to its primary competition.

Traditional owners and many government agencies are prepared to divert projects to builders that can ensure project funding does not simply provide buildings, but inclusive real employment opportunities.

Anangu Building Services represents a strong and commercially viable business, has demonstrable building experience, labour and business strategies to deliver quality building and repairs and maintenance projects on the APY Lands. The market needs good project outcomes that are also good social outcomes for Anangu.