projects and accomplishments

Wiltja have successfully completed a range of projects that positively effect many communities around the APY Lands. Throughout their efforts in these communities, they have created quite the reputation and have become very proud of their accomplishments and work throughout those communities.

More that $10,000,000 worth of construction building;

  • 16 Houses for Housing SA
  • Refurbishment of the Arts Centre at Kaltjiti
  • The Single Men’s Quarters in Mimili
  • Refurbishment of the Tjala Arts staff house in Amata
  • Demolition and re-construction of the Mimili Church

They are the recipient of;

  • 2013 Indigenous Capability & Development Remote Service Delivery National Partnership Agreements, from the Dept. Prime Minister & Cabinet for the fit-out of the Mimili Maku Accommodation Centre.
  • 2015 Indigenous Advancement Strategy General Great Remote Australia Strategy Program, from Dept. Prime Minister and Cabinet for the refurbishment of Mimili Maku Accommodation Centre
  • Since 2012, they have had the status of Preferred Contractor from the Dept. of Planning Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) for their efforts of 32 demolitions across 4 communities.

Wltja have provided employment and on the job training for 88 Indigenous workers so far and are proud of their record of zero workplace safety incidents!
Employee wages are arranged through stores within the APY Lands to ensure the money is retained within the community.
They have established a relevant list of suppliers for sourcing raw and environmentally friendly materials.